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Thread: DejaOffice is erroring out why I click "Sync"

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    DejaOffice is erroring out why I click "Sync"

    I'm on Android 4.4.2.

    1) I see found about 50 duplicate contacts in my Dejaoffice's 950 contacts. These duplicates have the group flagged as "Dejaoffice Group". I uninstalled Dejaoffice and cleared all data. After I Sync with Dejacloud, I still see these duplicates. So I guess the duplicates are residing in the Dejacloud??!!

    Next, I ran CompanionLink on my windows 8.1 with option to Wipe all data from DejaCloud before copying over from Outlook 2013's contacts.
    However, when I Clicked "sync" in DejaO, I get error message saying "Invalid username or password". I don't see where I can correct that. Can someone advice? Earlier on, I did go to Setup Wizard and was able to login with my USERID and password. Is there another place I have to go to enter username and/or password?

    2) After a few minutes, I was able to click "Sync" button on my Android's DejaOffice. However, the sync took 2 seconds and gave me the message "Sync Complete". I know it can't sync that quickly from Dejacloud to my Android's DejaOffice as I just deleted all my contacts in Android's DejaOffice. I checked Android's DejaOffice's contacts and it was blank - no contacts were downloaded from Dejacloud. In DejaO's Settinngs-> Sync Settings -> DejaCloud settings I had to set "Reread Cloud" every time as it does not remember it. Can DejaO's developers please make this process easier?

    3) After I Sync Android's DejaOffice's contacts with DejaCloud, I found those 50 duplicate contacts again. An example would be contact called "Junk". The only difference between the duplicates is that the original is not part of "DejaOffice Group" group. The duplicate is part of "DejaOffice Group" group. I tried not to sync "DejaOffice Group" group but that did not work.
    I think I am doing something wrong - or you have a bug in your software. Another duplicate is contact called "David Cheng 1216"
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