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Thread: Contacts did not transfer from DJO to Outlook...

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    Contacts did not transfer from DJO to Outlook...

    Hello, it's me again. I recently updated my PC to Windows 10, and did a backup of DJO from my iPhone 6. I noticed that the contacts i had assigned for each calendar event did not show up (with one or two exceptions) in my Outlook calendar, and I made screenshots of my phone calendar. Good thing I did, because I just upgraded my phone yesterday, and completely forgetting that I had no contacts associated with the calendar events, I synced the new phone with Outlook. Now I have all these appointments scheduled, but I have no idea which clients are going to be showing up for them ( was able to fill in future appointments with the screen shots, thank goodness. But I lost all the previous year's client history.) I should have written this post a couple weeks ago when I first noticed it, but hopefully I can still get this problem solved and not keep loosing information with every sync.
    Your help is greatly appreciated!!

    P.S. Is it maybe time to bite the bullet and upgrade to the newest version? LOL.
    Apple iPhone 6s
    DJO for iOS v. 1.10.0, sync via wi-fi
    CompanionLink for Outlook v. 7012
    Outlook 2016
    Windows 10

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    Elysepatrice, we will have a tech reach out to you to get this working.

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