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Thread: Contact in address book in android

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    Contact in address book in android

    Hi everybody, i'm a s5 mini user, android 4.4.2. Deja office version 3.2.18.

    I use deja office for sync a second address book with outlook contact. I don't want that this contact are visible in phone address book.
    So in setting of phone address book i've unchecked the box relating to Deja office contact. Ok if i scroll the address book in my phone, i don't see deja contacts.
    But if i search a contact in address book (by typing in the "search box" a name), the phone make me see also the deja contatc (under voice "Deja Office Group"). I don't understand why. How to disable this???

    Thank you

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    gere, welcome to the forum.

    The setting you want is in DejaOffice, Settings, Sync Settings. Go to Sync with Android Contacts, and turn this OFF. Also select "Wipe Contacts" to clear out the previously synchronized information.

    The setting you have is going to Android Contacts (the default) in an android account called DejaOffice. You set it not to display, which is fine, but the data is still there. That is why Android Search finds it. The Wipe step above will remove the data.

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