Hi again!

Let me remember the "filter memory". The idea was to have different preconfigured filters for tasks/contacts with an easy way to recall them. The best way would be over the devices homescreen.

This way it would be easy to have an easy access to "private contacts", "shopping tasks" a. s. o.

Considering the homescreen link usage in DO just add some filtered views as new entry type, saying "filtered tasks 1", "filtered tasks 2" etc.

Considering the "to much link types problem":
At the moment when adding DO-links to the homescreen in my launcher (ElixirWidget) I see about 20 different link types, most of them twice:
"DejaContacts" / "Search DejaContacts"
This is unnecessary because if I want "DejaContacts" launches every time with a search field I can set it separately.

Greetings, Halweg