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Thread: "filtered tasks 1" /2/3

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    "filtered tasks 1" /2/3

    Hi again!

    Let me remember the "filter memory". The idea was to have different preconfigured filters for tasks/contacts with an easy way to recall them. The best way would be over the devices homescreen.

    This way it would be easy to have an easy access to "private contacts", "shopping tasks" a. s. o.

    Considering the homescreen link usage in DO just add some filtered views as new entry type, saying "filtered tasks 1", "filtered tasks 2" etc.

    Considering the "to much link types problem":
    At the moment when adding DO-links to the homescreen in my launcher (ElixirWidget) I see about 20 different link types, most of them twice:
    "DejaContacts" / "Search DejaContacts"
    This is unnecessary because if I want "DejaContacts" launches every time with a search field I can set it separately.

    Greetings, Halweg
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    I'll think about this Halweg.

    What's in my plans is to make the home screen widget stronger. Is there a way we can use that? Maybe add the category selector to it.

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    Thanks again for the fast reply.
    This seems to be a more complex way... (in comparison to predefined views)
    We could use the DejaToday widget with "Group by category". The category title could start a task list with all (not only todays) tasks in this category.

    But the most challenging problem is to get some categories more important so they may be directly selected. I've about 100 categories (mostly used for my 1800 contacts).

    Let me describe an ideal solution, may be some would be posible:
    Filter 1: all contacts with category "family"
    Filter 2: all contacts in some company (ideally different filters for saying 3-4 companies).
    Filter 3: all contacts in some zip-code range (starting numbers like 10*)
    Filter 1: all tasks with category "shopping"
    Filter 2: all tasks with category "private"
    Filter 2: all tasks with a special contact linked to

    All filters should be "shortcuts".
    The DO-shortcuts I see in my launcher (Elixir Widget) at the moment are:
    DejaCalendar - Day View/Week View/Month View/Week Grid View/Year View/List View
    Search DejaOffice/DejaTasks/DejaMemos/DejaToday/DejaExpense/DejaJournal

    The problem with the widgets is that they consume a lot of space containing lists and calendars. With a good launcher I'm able to have some 50 labeled shortcuts on one homescreen page (the original Touchwiz launcher gives me only 16). 50 shortcuts are good visible if you have a tablet or 5.7" screen. A widget takes minimum half of a homescreen page. But it could be a good idea to have a special DejaOffice Launcher Widget (or, better, a launcher area inside another DO-widget) where I freely can configure my most needed shortcuts (beside filters also templates to be selected for a new item).

    Greetings, Halweg
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    Thanks for the notes Halweg. I'll see what I can think of. It us US thanksgiving this weekend so I'll have time to think.

    I agree, shortcuts may be better. However, I've got an idea to do "Views" like we have Templates.

    A Template is for the Edit screen. It presets various fields as default.

    Maybe what we need is "Preset Views" for the list screens. So it shows the list (Task list, Today screen, Today Widget) with preset values for Show Active, GroupBy and Sort By. The views woujld be on some one tap rotate system so you can tap to change to the next view. When you set up a view you can Save View. That way, the shortcut would bring up the task screen, but you can one-tap to Family, Business, X, Y, Z views which would all be preset for category, sort-by, group-by.

    What do you think of that?

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    Thanks again for your attention to this problem.

    Rotated views? Does this mean I have a name for every view so I can differ between and separately select for modification?
    It's better than nothing. But the user needs to handle two different user interfaces to get a special list. Let me explain:

    1. Switch on smartphone.
    2. Find the icon with the task list (in Androids homescreen).
    3. Wait for the DO-app to launch.
    4. Find the icon for view changing (in DO-Listview).
    5. Tap once the "change view" button.
    6. Control whether the "next view" is the desired one (there may be different views with nearly the same data in it).
    7. Repeat 5. and 6. until the desired list appears.

    This is a little bit away from a one-tap shopping list. I can't imagine your developers will agree in numerous view-icons inside the lists.
    Maybe a "DO-Shortlinks" widget could be a good idea. This widget would contain links to selected views and templates I like to use. Or, alternatively, a configurable "action-shortcut-dropdown" in the today widget.

    The most Android-like way would be if I could send the current view to the homescreen. The same already works with single tasks or contact items. Even adding new tasks is already possible but it's not possible to add a tasks with a preselected template.
    Unfortunately this is not my way cause system generated links need the 4x4 standard icon grid (I use a Elixir generated 6x9 grid). Instead I need a widget with shortcuts inside or (better) the option to send templates or views to the shortcut list above.

    Greetings, Halweg
    Samsung Galaxy Note IV, Android 6.01, Outlook 2010 German, Windows 7,WiFi sync

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    What do you think about a button or context menu item that would pop up a list of "Views".

    So you would hit a button (one tap), it shows a list of pre-set views; i.e. preset categories, sort by, group by. Tap on the view and the list changes to that.

    So that would be 2 taps to change from one "View" to another "View".

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    A view selection list is a good idea. But I think it's important to have:
    1. The list or drop down should be callable directly and instantly frome some widget. Ideally from the today widget. Alternatively there is a scrollable list with the views in an extra widget. This would lead to the One-Tap-Solution.

    I wouldn't like it when at first DO must be started (waiting time) to get the view selection.
    The ideal solution concerning this approach:
    A list widget (i.e. the Today widget) has a drop down or i.e. 5 buttons or 5 side - scrollable areas to change from the current view to another predefined view directly inside the widget.
    2. All views should have user defined names.
    3. The view concept could win a lot when adding filters a similar way Outlook does.

    I'm happy you consider my ideas. My smartphone could win a lot with such an direct access to important informations.

    Greetings, Halweg
    Samsung Galaxy Note IV, Android 6.01, Outlook 2010 German, Windows 7,WiFi sync

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