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Thread: ringtones

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    Thanks DJOCTO, that makes so much sense! So now I have to work out how to clean up my native contacts which appear in various accounts. It's a long and laborious process... Id like to get rid of the whole "phone" category, but would like to export the contacts on "device" and import them into my djo account, but am unable to work out how to do this. Unless I do it manually by comparison and one by one deletion. I'd like to end up with contacts in 2 accounts only on my Samsung phone: Dejaoffice and Whatsapp, none on the Google, phone or Samsung accounts, ie: enter new contacts in DJO only and haveDejaOffice send to the Dejaoffice group on the phone.
    Again, I'd be grateful for your advice.
    PC: Windows 10, 64 bit
    CompanionLink Express Ver 8 build # 8042
    Samsung S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (SM-T813) -> Android 7
    Samsung Galaxy J5 Dual SIM (Android 7.1.1)
    Samsung Note 8 (Android 9; One UI Version 1.0))
    Android DJO Version: 4.4.26 (1171)
    DPC Build 1164
    Sync Method to DejaCloud for now
    DJO Sync Settings for Contacts: Currently not selected
    DJO Sync Settings for Calendar: Currently not selected
    DJO Sync Settings for Tasks: Both ways

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    I'm not sure if my advice is that good, at least for all that you ask. You can call tech support and they may be able to help you out.

    CompanionLink Tech Support (503)243-5200 Hours 7am-3:30pm Pacific Time Mon-Fri.

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