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Thread: Syncing 2 Android Devices possible at the same time with Outlook using Wireless?

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    Syncing 2 Android Devices possible at the same time with Outlook using Wireless?


    I have the Deja Office App, and 2 Android phones along with Outlook. I can sync just fine with one device via wireless home Lan. However, I'd simply like to know if I can Sync Outlook with another device on my wireless home Lan.

    Thanks for letting me know whether or not I can. It seems that I can't add more than one Device Name.

    Just wanted to be sure.

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    I have done this for many years.

    You need to use Companionlink Express. This version allows you to have 2 different profiles. Check out the Companionlink website for upgrade options.

    I hope this helps.

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    Syncs to Android Contacts App only

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    Thanks Cecil.

    Anything free to do the same job?

    I'll buy it push come to shove, but I'd like to know if there are any free options.

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    The other alternative, which also costs (about $8/month paid quarterly), is DejaCloud push sync. Frankly, I love it. Any change I make on any of my 3 devices anywhere (not just at home) is instantly (or as soon as the device has a signal if it doesn't) to my two other devices. I don't even think about syncing anymore. It just happens.

    And, honestly, I'm happy to be able to contribute to keep this business going, because Companion Link is the only one out there doing this kind of industrial strength PIM and sync with Outlook and the other major CRMs. Worth every penny!

    EDIT: Wanted to be clear, DejaCloud push sync does not require a new version of Companion Link (unless your version is *very* old-- it runs of version 5 or newer). It counts as 1 device, i.e, the DejaCloud server, which your devices also connect to.
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