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Thread: Slow response in Tasks handling

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    Slow response in Tasks handling

    I use Tasks in Deja Office a lot on my iPod 4, and lately it's been taking a very long time to finish a change to a task. When I've finished my changes and press the checkmark to indicate completion, the display just sits there for several seconds before returning to Ready state. I suspect that somehow I've built up a long list of entries which are being processed in some way, but I'm not sure of this and can't find any very long sets of entries. Also, the device is several years old and I think I'll need to replace the battery soon, which may(?) be contributing to the problem. Does anyone else have this problem, and have you diagnosed it? I'd appreciate some advice.
    (Signature correction: My Deja Office version is 1.8.8, and my CompanionLink build is 7010)
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    bhutton, it is probably a low memory situation.

    See if you can clear memory by checking large files, videos and songs, on the iPod.

    I have submitted this to the developer to review what the program is doing on task completion. It is likely resorting the list of active tasks, which is a query in the database.

    Low memory hits all the Apple devices over time. It's worse on systems that have an OS upgrade. For instance, an iPhone 4s running iOS 9 has almost no working memory at all.

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    I don't see how it could be a low memory problem, unless I misunderstand the term. I'm not a heavy user of songs, photos, and other memory hogs. My Settings/About screen shows 52 songs, NO videos, 129 photos, Capacity 28.5 GB, Available 23.7 GB. If it's resorting active tasks, could there be a LOT of active tasks, or something?
    I'd be very eager to learn what the developer says happens during task completion: about a century ago (actually in the 60s and 70s, (yes, I'm that old)), I worked on IBM's "Big-OS" machines and learned that by mistakenly putting a simply-stated command such as closing/opening a file inside a loop, you could use up a devastating amount of processing time without meaning to. I can't help wondering if something I've unwittingly done with my data could cause a similar kind of behavior -- maybe with something like DejaJournal - ??
    Anyway, I'd be delighted if you uncover the cause of the lengthy behavior -- it's getting lengthier.

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    I haven't heard from this for a while, and the problem is still getting worse. Has there been any progress?

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