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Thread: outlook 2007 + blackberry + ipad

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    outlook 2007 + blackberry + ipad

    hi there. I'm a heavy non-exchange outlook user. tasks and notes especially. have been using for years w bb and palm before that. remember handspring visor? ya baby lol. anyway, I'm EXTREMELY excited to get my iPad up to speed and am hoping CL will do the trick so, can CL keep outlook, bb AND DO on iPad all getting along? obviously, having three components complicates things. what would you suggest as a solution? should i use CL to sync bb and outlook or continue using bb desktop?

    has any/ all of this been tried?

    also would like to involve google for calendar and contacts in the cloud if possible, but that's not a deal breaker.

    am using bb. bold 9700, outlook 2007 desktop and 64GB 3G wifi iPad.

    more than willing to purchase CL if it will do the job? what do you say, CL support folks?

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