I am using the below configuration. After the recent upgrade to DJO was pushed recently, calendar entries that I delete in Palm Desktop do not get deleted in DJO on the phone. The only way I can get it to work is to go into advanced settings, Applications and check the “Wipe Calendar on Android before sync”. The sync then fixes the issues but it takes a long time; almost 10 minutes.

All the Data Types to Sync are set to “Palm Desktop to Android”. My deletion preferences are set to “Palm Desktop is the primary database, records deleted in android will be ignored”.

Configuration Information

Palm desktop
8108 Calendar entries
693 Contacts
6 tasks
199 Notes

Companion Link 5 for Palm Desktop build 5098
ADB driver version 133

Synch performed via USB cable

DejaOffice 3.2.21 (820) (12/09/2015)

Laptop is running
Windows 8
i7-3632 QM processor @ 2.20 GHz
8.0 GB of Ram

Samsung Galaxy S2