I hope this is the right place to get the developers' attention regarding a small bug that I have recently discovered.

My device info is:
Model - Samsung Note-3 N9005
Android Version - 5.0
DejaOffice Version - 3.2.22

1. in dejaCalendar when i apply the 'group by category' function, the entries disappear. The entries get displayed as soon as i deselect the "No Category" entries from display. Kindly fix this issue as this function works perfectly in the dejatasks tab.

2. in Dejajournal a similar problem exists. the difference is that here the "Group by contacts" function is malfunctioning instead and the bug clears out when "No category" entries are selected (instead of being deselected as above).

I hope the problem is clear. If not then tell me and I'll upload some screenshots.