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    Thanks for your responses.
    I have about 1900 contacts which I have now reduced manually to ca. 1600 on my Samsung tab.
    I made 1 attempt with an vcf file which I exported from the tab but was unable to do anything useful with this file, ie: open it in Excel and modify it there.
    Exporting contacts from Google contacts to cvs is a good option but I cannot overcome the obstacle of gettting my contacts from the Samsung tab to Google contacts because most of my contacts have not been entered as "google" contacts but in Dejaoffice...
    So it's a Catch 22..

    And yes - for the merge duplicate feature to work the contact entries bave to be 100% identical otherwise it's no go, unfortunately!

    Looks like I will not get round doing at least a first major clean up manually and then the purge via Palm Desktop and proceed from there.
    In addition I am now paying for having moved from Palm Desktop Ver 4 to 6 in the past, which means 2 types of incompatible dbase files.
    If anyone has any better ideas I'd be most grateful to hear them.
    Thanks again
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    PC: Windows 10, 64 bit
    CompanionLink Express Ver 8 build #8018
    Data Manager App: PDT for Windows 4. 1. 4 & 6. 2
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    SGS4 (GT-I9505-Android 5.0.1)
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    Samsung Note 8 (Android 8)
    Android DJO Version: 4.4.5 (1064)
    Windows DJO Version
    Sync Method to DejaCloud for now
    DJO Sync Settings for Contacts: with Android Contacts App
    DJO Sync Settings for Calendar: Not selected


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