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Thread: Multiday event only shows first day

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    Multiday event only shows first day

    I have a strange appearance for a multi-day event (full day, starts a Saturday and ends next Saturday):

    If I select monthly view I can see the event on every day of its duration in the "squares" representing a day. Normally, if I click on one of these days the event will appear in the list below the monthly view and I can then click on it and get details. But this event only shows up in the list below for the FIRST day of its duration. If I click on any of the days it appears in the monthly view display, but NOT in the list below it (other events the same day show normally).

    I have only experienced it for this one event so it is not a big deal, but I thought you might be interested. Please advise if you want more details.

    I am not (yet) able to reconstruct this behaviour on other multi-day events.

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    I submitted this to the developer and it will be fixed in the next release.

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