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    Google Calendar

    I sync with the Android Calendar App which then syncs with my Google Calendar App on my phone. All this works great. Where I am having trouble is the stuff on my phone is not getting to the desktop version. I think it has something to do with events versus reminders, events work but reminders don't, and I tried searching on Google first but to be brutally honest that is brutal and I have better luck with the gurus here. Looks like the Outlook calendar events now end up as reminders which show up on the phone but not on the desktop. Is there a DejaOffice setting somewhere, or a Google calendar setting somewhere for this to work. Something must have changed because this was working before.
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    Samsung Note 8 Android 7.1.1
    DJO 4.3.6 (Build 1002)
    CLO 7046 Windows 10
    Outlook 2010
    Sync: WiFi


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