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Thread: Calendar events - showing one hour earlier

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    Calendar events - showing one hour earlier

    All my events in the day view are showing one hour earlier than the event is scheduled to start. For example, a 10:00 AM meeting is showing in the day view starting at 9 AM even though the event itself says 10 AM in the description area. I am using build 876 but this was happening before the current build. My phone is reporting the exact current time and I have my phone set on network time and time zone. I am in the Eastern Time zone.

    In general settings, I show "yes" for time zone shift but the meetings I'm referring to above are all local time zone entries. I use DejaCloud to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook 2016. The Outlook 2016 calendar is showing the individual events in the correct time block in the day view calendar.

    How can this be happening?
    Using Outlook 2016 Pro on a desktop PC running Windows 10/64 bit Pro with a Moto X 2015 Pure with 6.0 Marshmellow. Laptop is a 8 GB Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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    Hi bmac

    I think this due to the alignment of the number for the hour in the left hand column. It varies by device and view. I think the display is correct but looks a bit odd.

    In portrait view:

    On my Tablet the number is aligned at the bottom of the box when in Day view. But when I use my phone the number is aligned with the middle of the box. In the Week Column view the number is aligned in the middle of the box on both devices.

    In landscape view:

    On Tablet the number is aligned in middle of box. On phone the number is aligned below middle of the box.

    Edit update:

    Just noticed that the number moves about (up and down) when you change the scaling on the screen!
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    Hello bmac,

    We would like to work with you on this issue. Please check your private messages for more information.

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