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Ok. Let me try to put this in the style we need.

The style we need is a specific thing our developer can do to see the problem.

DJOA-Tasks-Recurring-After first alarm, alarmtime fails to roll forward
1. Create a Task, Recurring, Daily for 5 minutes from now.
The bug occurs (mostly) for yearly tasks. I had no problem with daily tasks.

2. Let alarm ring
3. Complete task (From notification or from DJO App?)
It does not matter.

NOTE: Task will now show for tomorrow
BUG: Alarm still shows for today
The alarm does not only show for today, but it is fired right now again and the notification pops up (again).

So alarm is set for today, 15 p.m.. Notification pops up. I complete it, new instance of task is being created with start/due next year, but alarm is being set to today, 15 p.m. and notification pops up. When completing, the next instance is being created with start/die the year after next year and alarm next year.

NOTE: Alarm should show for tomorrow at the same time as today.
NOTE: After the first time, it works ok.
NOTE: Problem started with B881 so try with prior build should work ok.

Does this sound right? I tried a test. I'll update this report with the results.

Results: I tried this. My alarm rang. I completed it from the notification. I looked at DejaTasks- the new instance is there with the right date on the alarm. I looked at DejaAlarms and it shows with the right date.

Might it be the problem only shows for monthly? Can you help edit my steps so I can see the problem. That's probably what the programmer is running into is that he can't see the problem.
Maybe you should try yearly recurring tasks. Create one, manually shift the date of the phone, wait for the alarm, complete the task and see, what happens. Then try to shift the date one more year ...