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Thread: Issue after every (recent) DejaOffice Update ... Bad Sync

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    Issue after every (recent) DejaOffice Update ... Bad Sync

    Consider the following scenario:

    1) Using the latest version of DejaOffice on a LG G3 (Verizon, latest OS/Marshmallow)
    2) Using CL5 (build 5098)
    3) Direct USB Sync in MTP Mode
    4) Outlook 2013 (32-bit) on Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit), both fully patched/up-to-date

    Syncing between Outlook and DO is working properly. Normally sync once a day.

    DejaOffice update is offered on Google Play story, update from 4.1.2 to 4.1.3 (for example, but the issue was present with earlier point updates as well).

    Next sync, everything begins fine and seems to progress normally, but, when the message on the Windows machine appears "Press OK on your device to complete the sync," the "OK" button on DO does not appear (as it normally does), and "Last Sync" time reverts to "never."

    If you then try to open contacts, calendar, etc., a message pops up that DO cannot read from the SD card (which shouldn't matter, since all of DO's data is stored in the internal storage). Then, a message appears stating that the database cannot be found -- do I want to retry, restore, create new database.

    The workaround thus far ...
    1) Restore database
    2) Wipe records from all the DO apps
    3) Wipe native contacts from DO group (via DO settings)
    4) Delete contact pictures from CLUSB folder via computer (so MTP mode is still working, obviously)
    5) Open CL - set to wipe records (just for good measure), and re-read Outlook data
    6) New Sync

    Everything is fine again -- until the next DO update.

    Thoughts? It is pretty annoying and time-consuming to have to restart the entire sync (I have 1500 contacts with most having pictures) every time there is a DO update, and I am not keen on not updating.

    Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.

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    I sent this to the developer. It looks like the Build update, and then the next sync is not working right. I think this is a fixable issue.

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    Great. Please keep me posted. Anything I can do in the interim to prevent the issue?

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    Not that I know of. The Android has two virtual "drives". What appears to be happening is that when Play Store updates, the active "drive" that we use to store the data is getting lost. So the next time you sync, it is trying to sync to the file on the -other- drive. Somehow your re-installing the file fixes this. So I'm going to talk to the developer about where this drive information is stored, and maybe into checking both drives at sync time to find the active one.

    When I say "drive" this not really right. The way Android handles storage devices is related to PC's and drives with file systems, but there are many differences. For instance, Android lacks any distinctive drive identifier like a Windows Drive letter. It's all just "virtual storage"


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    This has also happened to me - presumably for the same reason(s).

    Consequently I have updated DO only on my Priv (now running Marshmellow), but would very much like to be able to sync with Outlook.

    Any news on a solution?

    Thanks you.
    Blackberry Priv (Android 5.1.1)
    Windows 7
    Outlook 2013
    Companion Link 7

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    Is this issue fixed in 4.14?

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    It should be.

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    It seems so! :-). Will let you know if I run into bugs. Thanks.

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