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Thread: iPhone does not pair with CompanionLink

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    iPhone does not pair with CompanionLink

    Hi, it is me again, the squeaky wheel. My friend says that technology hates me. I'm beginning to think he's right. Ugh. Anyway...I have not synced my DJO since November, when I last had an issue. Today I decided it would be a good idea to finally do it. Except it didn't work. I have a different IP address, which I used (and typed correctly). I do not know if the device name is correct, because I can't find it anywhere in DJO app. It says it cannot find the phone to pair it. Again, I am in need of help! Your time is much appreciated!
    Apple iPhone 6s
    DJO for iOS v. 1.10.0, sync via wi-fi
    CompanionLink for Outlook v. 7012
    Outlook 2016
    Windows 10

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    A tech reached out to you to get this taken care of.

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