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Thread: Incorrect Task Alarm Dates

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    Incorrect Task Alarm Dates

    Every 30 days I have to medicate my 3 dogs. To assure I do not miss this, for years I have set 3 tasks for the same date, each an hour apart from the last. Always, the start date, due date and alarm date are the same.

    New phone, new installation of Deja and I can no longer do this. What I end up with is the first task recorded properly. The second task, no matter if I copy/paste the first or start fresh does not work. Even though everything is set properly when I save the task, when I revisit the setup of that task, the alarm date is one day after the due date. Often if I reopen it again, it will become two days after the task. Not much sense in the alarm being after the due date.

    Using Samsung Galaxy S7 - 6.0.1

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    Do those tasks have exactly the same name/subject ?

    Samsung Galaxy s7, stock rom 8,0, not-rooted
    DJO 4.4.5 (1069) , CompanionLink 8018
    Outlook 2016 (32bit), sync via DejaCloud (native sync Contacts only)

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    Hello shdytxmn,

    I would like to help resolve this issue for you. Please check your private messages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fpostma View Post
    Do those tasks have exactly the same name/subject ?
    Yes, everything is identical except for the alarm time. Thinking perhaps the name might have an effect, I created a second task and changed the name slightly - no effect.

    Just did some testing. I created a task and was able to successfully copy it and change the time. However, if I create a recurring task and then copy it, the date changes. If I create a new task while the first is there, even with a different name, and make it recurring, the date will change and in fact, if I view the first, that date has changed. If I view the second, that date has incremented another date further from the first and on and on and on.

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