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Thread: DJO contacts do not show in Android People app

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    DJO contacts do not show in Android People app

    In DJO, I can see all 400 some of my contacts. But I have a problem that these contacts are not being used to announce incoming phone numbers.

    Going to the Android People app, I discover that there are only 3 contacts visible in the DJO group and none in any other group. All of these 3 were added today. Going to DJO and doing Read Android Contacts does not change anything.

    What's happening here, and is there a way to fix it so that my contacts are visible to the dialer for incoming calls?


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    You need to go into the People app and set it to display the DejaOffice contacts. As all my contacts are in DejaOffice I have mine set only show Dejaoffice to avoid duplicates in the People list.

    I prefer to dial directly from Dejaoffice as the contact list on the phone app is harder to navigate. The Contacts list in the phone app does not always respect the Settings in the People app and names can be duplicated.

    Make sure that DejaOffice Caller ID is selected in DejaContact Settings.

    Also check the "Sync Settings" to make sure that "Sync with Android Contacts App" is checked.
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    Motorola Moto G5 Android 8.1.0
    DJO 4.4.11 (1091) Companionlink 7 (7046)
    ACT 16
    USB Sync
    Syncs to Android Contacts App only

    Lenovo Tab 4 8
    DJO 4.4.11(1091)
    Syncs to Android Contacts App only

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    There are two things you can do:

    1. To RePopulate the native app - in DejaOffice, Long-Press on "Read Android Contacts". This will resync to the DejaOffice database.

    2. To get Caller ID Without needing the native Android Database go to Settings, DejaContact Settings, DejaOffice Caller ID (about item number 10). We finally wrote our own caller ID so we would not be dependent on the Android Native list.

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