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Thread: DJO contacts do not show in Android People app

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    Thanks. Yes, that's enabled. I'll probably upgrading this x4 to Pie tomorrow and will report back if the overlay behavior changes.

    This "own Contact Account" sounds like it might thread the needle. I'll try it before the Pie upgrade.

    Of course having Caller ID working with text would be great.

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    To ensure DejaOffice is syncing to this contact account, ensure DejaOffice is listed here:

    1. Open DejaOffice
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Sync Settings
    4. When "Sync with Android Contacts App" is enabled, the second option Contact Account becomes selectable. Ensure this lists DejaOffice and when we sync to the Native Android Contacts app, it will be in a specific list we created.

    Note: It should default to the DejaOffice Contact Account.

    Once enabled you may need to tap the "Read Android Data" button on the DejaOffice homescreen to initiate the Native Android Contact sync on the first go.

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