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Thread: Integrate email and SMS through deja contacts, turn dejaoffice into a full CRM soluti

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    Integrate email and SMS through deja contacts, turn dejaoffice into a full CRM soluti

    Hi, I really need a function that integrates email and text messages through dejacontacts. I suggest a plugin that would allow for the creation of email templates that have the ability to pull contact data as a token (mail merge, but only send one), I could save the templates in dejaNotes, so I could use this one program to do all my email sales, Furthermore, it should also be able to see your complete contact history (emails, SMS, calls, journal entries) this would allow me to customize my sales workflow. Dejaoffice is the best for me and this would make it even better.
    Also, further customization of the DejaContact input form to allow me to select which data I want to input, instead of hunting around. I'd be happy to work with you on this as I've been so frustrated that outlook has reduced it's functionality over the years.

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    We looked at making DejaEmail in Fall 2015. It's definitely on our minds.

    While I agree it is a good idea, our technical support would explode as people inquire, suggest, whine or give one star reviews over any problem with email lists, email server connections etc. I remember well that the failure of BB10 is in part because it revised it's method of exchange email connection, so some people who used BB OS 7 could not use BB OS 10.

    For my near term view (through 2016) we will not be working to add email to DejaOffice. We will be adding Opportunities.

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