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Thread: Problem with contact shortcut on home screen

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    Problem with contact shortcut on home screen

    I was glad to discover, in DejaContacts, the possibility to put a shortcut of an individual contact on the homescreen. Nice to see the person represented by his or her portrait. The problem is that this picture had disappeared after rebooting my device (a Samsung Galaxy Note N7000) and that the default icon of the application (DejaContacts) had come instead! My question is: has somebody else experienced the same problem ans is there a workaround?

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    Hello vroom-vroom,

    Is the picture you are using stored in the phone's built in memory or on the SD card? If the picture is on the SD card it may not be available upon reboot. If this is the case, try using a picture that is on the device's built in storage or move/copy the original picture from the SD card to the device's storage and recreate the shortcut.

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