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Thread: Palm Library Error

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    Palm Library Error

    I suspect I know cause, but I need a fix.

    I recently bought a Surface Pro 4, running Win 10 (at Pioneer Place - just a few blocks from you blokes, yes?). Palm Desktop 4.1.4, CL 7022, DJO 4.1.7 (build 925), Android 6.0.1.

    Anyway, I cannot sync my Android with it.

    CL attempts to connect, then I receive a "Palm Library Error" - "Could not open Palm Desktop Address file."

    This has happened over WiFi and USB direct. (Yes I have tested the WiFi pairing).

    I believe - but am no longer certain - that on my last laptop I was running PD 6 and now I'm running PD 4. But all my data appears correct in PD on the new machine. Could that be a cause, is there some ini file somewhere causing a conflict?

    CL is indeed set for PD 4. This is the same device that previously synced with my prior PC. I could not swear that the User name in PD is the same as previous.

    For the first time ever, I'm seeing a red "X" through the CL icon in the system tray. That's just mean.

    So that's all I know. Um, help?
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    rjbinney a tech emailed you the solution on this...

    This has to do with UAC paths on Windows 10. Palm predates UAC so it puts data files under C:\program files (x86) which can't be done any more. So the OS moves the data files, and then we can't find them. The solution is to place the files into a known intentional spot like C:\palm so that Cl can find them.

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