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Thread: Control contact name components in sync from DO to Android contacts

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    Control contact name components in sync from DO to Android contacts

    When I sync my contacts from Dejaoffice database to my Android database it transfers the full name. In MS Outlook and in Dejaoffice I have the full names (first,middle,last,etc). If I have John Edward Smith as the name in those file lists I can use the "file as" feature to drop the middle name which is only for record keeping purposes.

    Bottom line is, I'd like to control which parts of the full name transfer from DO to Android's native contacts. That way, I can control the format of name the caller-id shows so it drops the middle name. Is that already an option I'm not seeing or is that something I would need to request?

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    RAKooistra, we don't handle the native accounts to this degree. My perspective is that the native database format is whatever Google got from open source. No planning, no organization. In the older versions of Android they were not even standard between phone manufacturers.

    At this point, Samsung seems to direct the market. This helps with fragmentation. Our goal, however, is to provide full features in DejaOffice, and not in Android native contacts.

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