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Thread: Tracking new entries

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    Tracking new entries

    Is there a way already to keep track of the most recent entries, let's say entries in all categories (calendar, contacts etc.) made in the last week, month, days, or by date?
    It's maybe in the log?
    It could be helpful to double-check that all data is there, especially if you have DO on many devices.
    I intend to sync via the cloud 1 tab, and several mobile phones.
    I do enter data on any one of these devices and even though the cloud syncing works well, there can at times be glitches, simply due to poor internet connection.
    Thanks for your help and response as always
    PC: Windows 10, 64 bit
    CompanionLink Express Ver 8 build #8034
    Samsung S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (SM-T813) -> Android 7
    Samsung Galaxy J5 Dual SIM (Android 7.1.1)
    Samsung Note 8 (Android 9; One UI Version 1.0))
    Android DJO Version: 4.4.17 (1119)
    DPC Build 1093
    Sync Method to DejaCloud for now
    DJO Sync Settings for Contacts: Currently not selected
    DJO Sync Settings for Calendar: Currently not selected

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    Let me think about this. We can make a sort order by Last Modified; that is a value in the database. But it would seem like you wouldn't want to change the current view to see this. So maybe more of a report of items modified since... sent to email or something like that...

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