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Thread: Complete/Uncomplete Tasks is very slow.

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    Question Complete/Uncomplete Tasks is very slow.

    Hi, I'm using the latest version of DJOA on my Nexus 5X with the latest version of Android. When I tap on the Complete/Uncomplete box it takes long time to respond. Can you speed this up? Also can you make please please make it so I don't have to confirm every task completion and uncompletion? The first time I tap the box to complete a task I would like it to give me the option to never see the Confirm Completion box again.

    Please please!? Its quite annoying to have to confirm completion of many tasks. I have a daily checklist with lots of tasks so the requirement to Confirm Completion of every one is a pain.

    Please please please implement this soon. Many users will be happy!


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    Hmmm... Looks like the weirdly named "Combine Tap Zone for category and completion" setting does this. I don't really understand what "Combine Tap Zone for category and completion" actually means but when I uncheck it then I can complete tasks without needing to confirm completion. Sweet. Looks like I solved my issue.

    Yay me! :-)

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    It still takes a *long* time to respond after I tap the completion box. Can you fix this? Thanks,

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