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Thread: Transfer Dejaoffice data from Android to IOS

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    Transfer Dejaoffice data from Android to IOS


    I need to transfer the data from Dejaoffice that is on an Android phone to an Iphone.

    How do I go about this without any dataloss?
    And what is the easiest way?

    Sync via PC, sync via Gmail? Or is there a direct way?

    The same account will be used (if possible) on the new phone.

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    Mark, if you are using a PC Database like Outlook, it is best to migrate via PC.

    Apple devices have sandboxing and coredata, so the database file that DejaOffice uses is not only different, it is not even remotely compatible.

    To move Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos you need to establish the database on a non-phone device. You can use DejaCloud, which is an OS Agnostic version in the cloud. Or you can sync to a PC database and use that as your hub.

    I hope this information helps.

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