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Thread: DejaCalendar not syncing--and won't close

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    DejaCalendar not syncing--and won't close

    I'm running Marshmallow, Outlook 2003, and Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Edition. Lately (possibly due to the Anniversary update), my Deja calendar has not been able to sync--and when I go to the Android page that lets me close running apps, DejaCalendar stays open.

    Even before the Anniversary update, Outlook stopped closing properly, leaving a stub process (1.9 to about 12 MB) after I closed it. An Outlook forum said this could be caused by another program trying to access Outlook, and CompanionLink is the only program I know of on my PC that does this. At that point, calendar sync still worked, but only if I closed that stub first.

    How do I get my calendar sync back?

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    Hello oldmaven,

    Thank you for contacting DejaOffice. To resolve this issue, please open a support ticket using the form in the link below and we will be happy to help you get your sync back in order.

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