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Thread: Syncing Journal with MS Outlook is incredibly slow

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    Syncing Journal with MS Outlook is incredibly slow

    Today I activated journal sync for the first time.

    It seems that DO items are syncing faster than phone calls. For each call it lasts about 2-3 seconds (!!!) so get synced ...

    Sync is running now for 20 min and I got 1400 elements synced = 70 / min!

    Is it a Bug?

    CL 6052 on Win10 & Outlook 2013 @office

    DejaOffice 4.4.19 (1131)
    Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, Android 8.0.0, German Language
    - Direct USB Sync (mass storage)

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    Any first time sync will take longer. Particularly if there data on both sides. There is an internal process to match the data, and it can do multiple queries per record.

    After the first time it should be fast.

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