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Thread: Changes to single occurence of repeating events not visible

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    Changes to single occurence of repeating events not visible

    If you have a repeating event in the calendar on a PC (Outlook) and make changes to a single one of these occurrences (like deleting it) this modification is not shown in the DejaCal calendar after synchronizing. All occurrences of the original event shows up.

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    I sent this to my developer. Here is his response:

    > Delete exceptions work fine for me from OL to DJOI. Can we get more info from the user, or just have them submit a support ticket? Useful info would be:

    > * What sync method?
    > * Are they syncing with native calendar? If so, what type of native account?
    > * What recurrence pattern does the event have?
    > * Does it happen for just one event, or for any recurring event?

    To submit a support ticket email support@dejaoffice.com

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    I have been in contact with support. I have obtained a Beta version of CompanionLink (Build 7026). I have done some testing.

    It did not seem as if the upgrade of CompanionLink by itself did solve the problem, but after removing the checkmark for "Options -> Optimized update sync" in CompanionLink and doing a sync all occurrences appear correct, also the modified or deleted ones.

    I think removing that option is "the trick" that did it.

    I will keep an eye on it in the time to come.

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    Oh, yeah. Darn optimized sync.

    With Optimized sync deletes are moved once a day. But because of a bug in Outlook, they are not moved at the time of deletion. The bug is easy to see. Make a record, then delete it. It moves to the deleted item folder. But check the "Modify" Date/time, it fails to note the time of the delete.

    The optimized sync works off Modify Date/Time. Because Outlook doesn't updated it, we had to find a daily sweep which finds them.

    Optimized sync does work faster - about 10 times faster. But for many people, non-optimized (full sweep) is fast enough.

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    Thanks for the explanation.

    Regarding synchronization speed, you are right. I have not registered any significant change here.

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