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Thread: Dejacloud not syncing

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    Dejacloud not syncing

    Since about 6:45 am CDT I'm not having success in syncing. This is both the Palm Desktop and the Dejaoffice on the android. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems. Had this happen before, but not for this length of duration.

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    Should be fixed now. It was not an outage. But for some reason the connection got slow and was timing out - so a "brownage?"

    We rebooted the server at about 10:45am Pacific Time and that appears to have cleared the issue.

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    Both sides still don't connect to Dejacloud. Switched phone from wi-fi and tried over network. Tried with the laptop on two different wi-fi systems. Rebooted both.

    DejaOffice 4.1.8 935
    Android 6.0.1
    Palm Desktop 6.2.2
    CompanionLink 7026

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    Deja Cloud not connecting

    Not working this morning. Started working mid day. Stopped syncing again

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