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Thread: Sync both ways or to Android causes Anniversary items to populate on EACH DAY

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    Angry Sync both ways or to Android causes Anniversary items to populate on EACH DAY

    DL Version 6--similar as another post--the Anniversary (Annual Repeating events by Year Day):
    donít know if Updating to Version 7 will solve--do any of you have this issue with 7 also?

    Anniversary events on my PC show up on the Android DeJa calendar as DAILY events and I have to combine duplicates on Android, but if I resync PC to Android, they reappear as I donít see them (Multiplied as Daily Events) on my PC calendar in Calendar Monthly View. Then I combine duplicates on Android and also delete the Anniversary events showing up as DAILY events, and if I resycn both ways, they show up on the Android AGAIN. I tried syncing the cleaned up DeJa Calendar on the Android again by combining duplicates and deleting most all of the Anniversary Events on Android and then sync from Android to PC.

    But I donít think the cleaned up database from Android is replacing anything on the PC as those are valid Anniversary events. I see on the Calendar Folder Calendar on the PC the same number events as usual (4921) but on the Android with Calendar showing correctly, after clean up, 1841 Events, so I am sure if I return to either Synch from PC to Android or both ways, I will have corrupted calendar on Android.

    Somehow CL is misinterpreting Annual Anniversary events coming from PC to Android

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    bookwalk welcome to the forum. For the "PC" I looked up your registration and see that you use Outlook. So I'm assuming you mean Outlook on the PC (we support about 20 other PC Applications also).

    CL6 and CL7 should work the same with regards to Anniversaries.

    I checked today, and it works fine for me. I've not seen another report of a problem. I see you have an open ticket in the system. The tech is out today, so I'll see if I can get it redirected so it can be answered today.

    The problem appears to be that the Anniversary on the PC is getting interpreted as some sort of daily recurring. Might you be using another Outlook Add-On like iCloud?

    This is cer

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