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Thread: Help! DJOA suddenly can't find my database

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    Exclamation Help! DJOA suddenly can't find my database

    I'm using DJOA on an up to date Nexus 5X. It's been working fine for a long time. My DJOA is fully up to date. All of a sudden is says Can't Find Database. I hit Restore a Backup and nothing happens. Help! On a daily basis I copy the clusb directory from my Nexus to my PC using a wifi connection. How should I fix this problem? Uninstall and reinstall DJOA? Something else?

    DJOA says "Unable to access SD card. Unmount your device from the PC and change your USB connection type to charge only." It has been about 6 months since I last connected my Nexus to my Windows PC using a USB cable. I only connect and transfer files using wifi and ES File Explorer.

    I don't sync DJOA with my PC. I just daily copy the clusb directory to my pc.

    Thanks. Help!
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    OK, I got it fixed. Had to delete the clusb directory on my Nexus and copy the database from my backup. Thank goodness I have made it a strong habit to back it up each day.

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    Glad you got it sorted.

    My first thought was to try deleting or renaming the clusb folder. DJO is very good at recreating the file structure when this folder is deleted. Renaming is preferable to deleting as it is totally reversible. Once problem is fixed then you can delete the renamed folder.

    When you uninstall DJO the CLUSB folder is left behind, if you are trying to recover from a major problem it is a good idea to rename the CLUSB folder if you want a clean start.

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