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Thread: Tasks: directly tappable due dates on the Tasks home screen

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    Tasks: directly tappable due dates on the Tasks home screen

    I modify my due dates frequently and would like to be able to tap/modify the due date from the Tasks home screen without having to open the entire task.

    The current setup requires a minimum of seven taps to modify and save a due date and then return to the Tasks home screen.

    PalmOS required two.

    Thanks for the ongoing updates, I'm not dealing with DJO/Companionlink introduced dupes and errors anymore. I've upped my star rating in the Market for that. It'll be five stars when this is almost as easy PalmOS/Desktop was :-)
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    Yes...this was what I used to do in PalmOS too. It's a very useful an convenient way to modify due dates and it's something I really miss.

    It would be really nice if DJO can do something similar.

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    I vote for this one also.

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    Palm also let you change category from the task list view, and included a checkbox on each task that you could tap to mark that task complete. I'd love to see those as well.

    To be fair, the long-tap menu on a task does include a "Mark Completed", so that's fairly fast. But "tap on checkbox" is even faster and more intuitive than "long tap, find the Mark Completed item, and tap it".

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