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Thread: Calendar wishlist

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    Calendar wishlist

    I'll be coming from Palm's Datebook5 , which is a great calendaring program. Since that's the bulk of what I do, here's what I hope is in DejaOffice.

    Link appt to calendar
    Week view
    Colored icons for different categories of appts.
    Recurring appts, made on the phone

    I think that's the bulk of what I need. How exciting to discover this app!

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    CompanionLink was involved with Palm from the very start. I loved DateBk and all the subsequent releases DateBk5, DateBk6 and also Agendus. We've looked hard at these for development. Ultimately we decided they were too complex for our current phase. Our current focus is just to get certain features working very very well, but keep it simple.

    You currently have Week View.

    Colored blocks for appointments currently works in Day, and Week view. For Month view it shows the color of the first event of the day. The next release (i.e. what I have on MY phone today, and will come out in a few days) has even better category color management for Events, and also Contacts, Tasks and Memos.

    Link Appt to Calendar - not quite yet, but definitely coming soon. Maybe by end of month.

    Recurring Apps made on the phone. Not quite yet. These little buggies are surprisingly complex, and will be a release unto themselves. Likely in early June. Sorry for the delay. The key is that recurrings need to be created on the PC Side right now.

    And BTW - If you have a high res screen, the next release will have bigger fonts in DejaCal. They were originally designed for a low res screen and appeared to be tiny on a Nexus One or other high res device.

    Thanks for sharing. Be sure to catch the release sticky post for specific information!

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