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Thread: Handling alarms from notification list

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    Handling alarms from notification list

    It's very nice to be able to dismiss an alarm from the notification list. Thank you.

    But I'm much less sure of the use of snoozing an alarm here when there is no way to indicate how long to snooze. Perhaps using the snooze option can pop up a time selector?


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    PLS Thanks for the suggestion. I know a the time we adopted Android 4 notifications, we were limited to three "buttons" for notifications. So Snooze just adopts the snooze setting in your DejaCalendar Settings (I think it's Default Snooze Time but I'm going from memory today).

    We recently updated to Marshmallow notifications so maybe we can do more with Android's system. I'll check on that.

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    That would be very helpful! Another addition would to be able to snooze all, rather than each separately.

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