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Thread: Catastrophe - All Contacts and Calendar Deleted

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    Catastrophe - All Contacts and Calendar Deleted

    I am trying to sync OL 2016 on Mac with my corporate gmail account. The contacts seemed to sync just fine but the calendar doesnt seem to work well at all. I am not exactly sure what happened but somehow I have deleted all contacts on Outlook, and my gmail account. They are truly gone. I happened to log into Deja Office and all of the contacts are still there, and *some* of the calendar. Is there a way to export these contacts into a CSV file so I can reimport them? I am really desperate here. Thank you.

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    I'm sorry to hear of your problem. I'll have a team member reach out to help you. Today is a US holiday so there is no one in. But tomorrow someone will help.

    In Outlook, check your deleted items folder. If things are there, you can move them back to the live folder.
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