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Thread: Daja Task Widget

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    Daja Task Widget

    I use to have an Acer tablet and just switched to the LG PadX, On the Acer the widget only rotated tasks that were past due, due today or had no due date. On the LG all tasks not complete, even if the start date is in the future are rotating. Can I change this so it only shows tasks that are current and not future?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The software is identical. However, the settings are complex.

    The widget uses the settings from "DejaToday". So open DejaToday on both devices and check the following:

    1. Long press on the list, to make sure the same items are checked.

    2. Go to DejaToday settings, and make sure the settings are the same.

    Once this is done, the widgets should show the same things.

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