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Thread: DejaCalendar support for conference call and WebEx information

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    DejaCalendar support for conference call and WebEx information

    I use DejaCalendar on Android (and sync with Outlook 2016) to store information for conference calls and WebEx information. In Outlook I am use the appointment location or notes field for information associated with the conference call or WebEx which is not ideal, but workable. DejaCalendar's location field is designed around physical location (address) which doesn't work for this kind of information.

    Can you please update the DejaCalendar event info to modify how the current location field is used or include new fields for (1) a conference calling number; (2) a conference calling id (passcode); (3) WebEx information including passcode information?

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    In DejaOffice settings, General settings, select Location Picker - Manual.

    This will turn off the assumption that the location field is used for mapping.

    I'll send a feature request for new fields for webex data.

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