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Thread: Calendar in Deja IOS doesn't show reoccurring events

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    Calendar in Deja IOS doesn't show reoccurring events

    Hi, I have been a Dejaoffice user for many Years (Decades) and I'm still longing for a proper PalmOS Device in this Time and Age of Iphones and Androids!

    But for the moment I have to put up with this Iphone wich is not all that bad - BUT.....

    My Problem is, that although I successfully Synced most of my Old PalmOS Calendar entries to Deja Office a few Years ago, now the reoccurring events are slowly but surely fading out and Birthdays and other Entries that still show "repeat forever" in 2015 are now gone! I must admit, at that time it was adviced not to sync to many Entries which I ignored and I must have synced some 3-4000 Entries if I'm not mistaken.

    But I've never had a problem until now and I'm using the Dejaoffice app almost daily on my Iphone and have just succsessfully transfered all my Data to the new Device (iPhone 5s) via the Backup-Function within Djaoffice
    I reloaded CompanionLink and intend to buy it again.

    I have not synced to the Palm Desktop v4.1 (Windows 10) yet and just want to know, IF this problem can be solved and how I should go about it.

    Thanks a lot and Greetings from PalmOS
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    We can certainly investigate. Local USB Sync.

    I'm going to refer this to Chris. You can email directly to

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