On all of the Palm devices I had in the past, the data entry screens were very concise - the fonts were small enough that many more fields were visible without scrolling than on my Droid X.

When I first started using my Droid, I thought "well, it has to put the on-screen keyboard onto the screen, so of course fewer fields are visible".

But as I think more about it, that's wrong - on all of my Palms, the combined size of the screen and the physical keyboard (or Graffiti area) was smaller than the screen of my Droid (OK, not all - I think the older Palms were as large). So that means that they were fitting more information into the same screen space as the Droid. Smaller fonts were one way they accomplished that.

So I'd like to see an option in DJO to set the font size for the entry screens so that more can be visible without scrolling.