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    DJOA sync with

    Hi All,

    I looked thru the website and didn't find a clear answer. I'm using DJOA on my Nexus 5x and it works great. I do not use CompanionLink. I have a Windows 10 pc but I don't use Outlook or any other CRM on my laptop. All I do is regularly back up the DJOA clusb directory from my Android to my pc.

    I do have an account at but I never use it (I use gmail). However, I'd like to sync the DJOA data from my Nexus to this account. That way it will be backed up another way and, if I want, I can log into and make changes on a big screen rather than the Nexus.

    Can this be done? How can I sync between DJOA on my Nexus and Can the sync be 2 way? Or only sync from DJOA one way to

    Please provide details if possible. Thanks,

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    You can do this.

    1. Set up DejaCloud sync from DjOA on Android.
    2. Log into DejaOffice CRM Live
    3. On the left tabs, click on the last one (settings)
    4. In Settings in the middle choose "Connectors"
    5. Make a connector to view your database.

    This will move Contacts, Calendar, Tasks. It can't move notes, or category colors, because they are not part of the ActiveSync protocol (EAS2.5).

    This is a backend connector that will move data in a few minutes.

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