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Thread: Color marking for weekend days wrong

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    Color marking for weekend days wrong

    I have just installed the new version 2.1.1 (942).

    Now the calendar has a feature to highlight the weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) by giving them a special background color (yellow).

    However, when selecting the week to start on Monday (as here in Europe) and using the "Month View" the days Sunday-Monday will be highlighted. When selecting Sunday as start of week highlighting is correct.

    When selecting "Week View" highlighting is correct regardless of day selected for start of week.


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    Erik - Thanks for the report. This is fixed in DejaOffice 2.1.2, which is awaiting App Store review. Should be available on the store within the next several days.

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    Ben - Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the next update from App Store.

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    I have now installed 2.1.2 and the problem is fixed. Thanks.

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