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Thread: Update existing or create new contact from call log in Nougat?

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    Update existing or create new contact from call log in Nougat?

    Hi there,

    Since upgrading to Nougat, I can't seem to figure out a way to update existing contacts or create a new DJ contact from the phone log. It only gives me the option to create in the android contacts app and not DJO.

    Please advise. Using Samsung S7. Thanks.

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    The issue you reported should be resolved in the latest Beta for DejaOffice for Android (Red Button). From your phone, please download and install from the site below:


    Let me know the result.

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    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded the latest beta and the result is the same.


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    Thanks for the feedback. I believe we have identified the issue. I'll submit this to our development team and see if we can correct the issue in a future update.

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    Hi there,

    Just noticed an update to DJO for Android. Has this fix been implemented yet? It is not listed on the notes. Thanks.


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    It should be there. Give it a try.

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    Seems to working now! Thanks guys!


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