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Thread: Updated Website

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    Updated Website

    You know I hate those sites that go edge-to-edge on the browser and force you to hit down-down-down to see 5 lines of text.

    But they look "modern".

    Updated DejaOffice main page:

    You may also note we've upgraded all connections to SSL. Pulling the forums up was a pain. Please call out any problems.

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    Looks fine to me. But I have noticed that on the Tour page the link at bottom right to "Next: Getting Started" does not seem to work on my Android tablet using Chrome.

    Motorola Moto G5 Android 8.1.0
    DJO 4.4.11 (1131) Companionlink 7 (7046)
    ACT 16
    USB Sync
    Syncs to Android Contacts App only

    Lenovo Tab 4 8
    DJO 4.4.11(1131)
    Syncs to Android Contacts App only

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