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Thread: CONTACTS index doesn't work any more

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    CONTACTS index doesn't work any more

    I'm running DejaOffice 4.3.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S5.
    The CONTACTS pane shows all my contacts listed in alphabetical order on the left and the letters of the alphabet on the right. I used to be able to jump to any section of the contacts list by pressing the appropriate letter on the right side of the screen. E.g. I touch "V" and the contact list scrolls down to the contacts that begin with V.
    It doesn't do that any more for the last week or so. I've rebooted the phone and that doesn't help. When I press a letter on the right side of the pane the letter displays in the center of the screen for about one second and then disappears. Nothing else happens. I have to manually scroll through the entire list of contacts to get to the one I want.
    Is this something that has changed in a recent upgrade? Is it a setting somewhere I can control? Is there a workaround to restore this functionality?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Yes indeed! We released a new build yesterday. This contact index slipped past us. It is not working currently. This will be fixed tomorrow May 17, 2017. We are just delaying the release to catch up with anything else that broke.

    In the mean time, check out the new Contact Widget. On Android Desktop, long-press to get the Widgets option, then select DejaOffice, 4x4 Contact Widget. This will put ALL of your contacts on your Android Home screen. It's really slick!

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