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Thread: Translation issues

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    Translation issues

    Hello, I've been using DJOA for over four years, and Italian translation still lags behind and seems half done. I decided to switch to English, at least it's done . Any interest in improving Italian translation? I noticed discussions about Slovenian, Slovak, left hanging in the air. I wrote to globalize@, no reply.

    Any idea? Any interest? Am I the only user from Italy?

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    I'm sorry you didn't get through to That comes right to me. I didn't see anything and just checked Spam and didn't see anything.

    Damjan from this forum helped us update Slovenian. I'm happy to send you the Italian file. It is not too hard because we have it 80% done from version 2. But there are about 100 new text strings to translate.

    I'll send an email directly to you to get this started.

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    Hi! If new strings are added after my last translation, please send the last slovenian strings to me that I can update.
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