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Thread: Accidentally Cleared DJOA Data

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    Accidentally Cleared DJOA Data


    I accidentally cleared DJOA data in the settings/apps on my phone. I do not think I ever manually created a backup on the phone and I have not synced the data to Outlook in several months. Is there any chance that a backup of my data might exist somewhere on the phone? The backups in the clusb/backup folder all seem to be created after I cleared the data. Thanks, Dwight...

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    I am afraid I don't think you can recover from this situation. I think clear data probably strips all the backups in addition to the current data. Any time I have used that option I had my current data on my PC.

    Motorola Moto G5 Android 7.0
    DJO 4.3.6 (1005) Companionlink 7 (7046)
    ACT 16
    USB Sync
    Syncs to Android Contacts App only

    Tesco Hudl2 (Android 5.1)
    DJO 4.3.6(1002)
    Syncs to Android Contacts App only

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    Dwight, welcome to the forum.

    Does this mean you cleared the whole file path on the phone? Usually there is a smattering of data there.

    I'll have a tech call you to help further.

    I looked up your purchase record from 2012. I see an area code (256) number. Is this still current? I notice your address is one used by people who may live outside the US.

    For quick results, email support@dejaoffice.com with updated phone and time zone info so we know when to call.
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