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Thread: Persistent notification buzzing ever since last update

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    Persistent notification buzzing ever since last update

    I downloaded the latest DejaOffice update from Google Play 2 days ago. Ever since then I've been getting vibration reminders of notifications from DejaOffice constantly. Whenever there is a DejaOffice notification in the taskbar, my phone buzzes every 60 seconds. If I swipe the notification it goes away but it reappears after 60 Seconds. This isn't happening for any other app.

    Notification Reminders are turned off in Settings - System - Accessibility.

    How do I make the stop? It is driving me crazy.

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    DeadMoneyDrew, welcome to the forum.

    Go to DejaOffice Settings, Alarm Settings, and down near the bottom, uncheck "Persistent". This will turn off persistent alarms.

    Persistent alarms ensure that you don't miss your appointments. It requires that you snooze each event when it comes up. If you just want events to silently hang in your notification bar, then you can turn persistent off.

    I hope this info helps.

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    That seems to have worked. Thanks.

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